Natural insulation that protects from FIRE, stabilizes temperature and reduces noise.

Pure Sheep's Wool Insulation

from the farm to your life

Why insulate your van

with Wool Life?

Highest thermal value

Easy installation proces

Boric Acid and Petrochemical Free

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Guarantees a constant temperatura and reduces humidity

An excellent breathable insulator, regulating temperature and humidity.

Encourages interior comfort by reducing interior-exterior thermal changes.

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Boric Acid and Petrochemical Free

In a confined space like your van, air quality is critical.

Sheep’s wool is the best non-toxic insulation for your campervan conversion.

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Ecological and Sustainable

Insulation made from 100% sheep’s wool, meaning it is totally biodegradable.

Organic and recyclable.

The wool is washed with a non-toxic BIO insecticide made with chrysanthemum that protects against pests.

At Wool.Life we use natural sheep’s wool enhanced with technology to create the most efficient and healthy insulation for you and for the planet.

All our products are boric acid free !

Two ways to


The wool knops insulate the most difficult and hard to reach gaps.

Insulate quickly and in one piece with wool batts.

Long term comfort on the road.

Decide if you are using Batts or Loose Fill

Read the benefits of both!

Enjoy the comfort in your Van.

Lasting insulation for miles of comfort and health.

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Three of the biggest van insulation

problems: Solved




Moisture Control

No one wants to sleep in a freezing cold van that’s damp from condensation.

Natural wool minimizes condensation and will take you through every season staying dry and comfortable.


Acoustic insulation and flame resistant

Excellent acoustic absorption due to the natural properties and serrated fibers wool.

Wool is non-flammable and self extinguishing, reducing the risk of fire.



Air Purifier and Boric Acid Free

In a confined space like your van, good air quality is critical.

Sheep’s wool is the best non-toxic insulation for your campervan conversion.

It's whats underneath that counts - pure wool insulation

How do I build a van for all four seasons?


Whether you’re living in your van full time, or fulfilling the occasional wanderlust, the insulation will enhance the interior, making you comfortable on your adventure.

Tiny Homes

Choose wool insulation and turn your tiny house into an efficient super home.


Take the step of insulating your bus more naturally and quickly. A good insulator is essential for moderating the temperature in large mobile homes.

What do our customers say?

"We started our van build and used the wool in all the places where we could. Before we could finish the installation, we had to hit the road for a trip. We drove about 2000 miles with just the wool stuffed into the holes of our van, and we were really impressed with how much it stayed in place. Now, this was a completely ridiculous thing to do. We didn’t cover up the holes at all, and we were just curious how it would work out. And to be honest it worked out way better than we thought. I actually have total faith in this product. And I’m glad that we went with this over the traditional bats."
“We enjoyed the whole installation process, the feel of the natural wool and not having to use special equipment. I thought it would be a more difficult task to do, but it only took a couple of days. We are delighted."
Scott & Steph
""I came across Wool Life when I was looking for chemical-free insulation. It feels so good and is so clean! I also love the sound absorption. I love this wool!”.
 "I thought that it was harder to install, but the process was easy, and it had incredible results in the VAN, filling cavities that were difficult to reach with other products. Highly recommended."
Gabriel & Mary

Want to read articles about the wonders of wool?

Efficient, long term insulation

we guarantee it

Because of the astonishing durability and functionality of wool, coupled with some technology, we offer a 30-year warranty on all of our wool products. Places like Buckingham Palace have kept wool installed in good condition for more than 200 years, but insurance companies don’t like us to give 200-year warranties.

It’s safe to say that the long-lasting performance of our insulation will far outlive the van or skoolie it’s installed in.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will refund your money with no questions asked.


Feel free to reach out to us about wool! Our team is ready and glad to help with any questions you have. 

The Wool.Life team is available and glad to answer any questions.

Call or text us at+1 (406) 204 3895

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We will answer within 24 hours. Promised!

Please don’t contact us for soliciting

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