TempeX Sheep's Wool Van Insulation

Transform your VAN into a
comfortable living space
for your adventures.

Natural insulation that protects from fire, stabilizes temperature and reduces noise.

The most non-toxic way to insulate your van, in just a few steps

Minimize Condensation

Sleeping in a freezing cold van, damp from condensation, is not something anyone wants. Wool Insulation naturally absorbs and releases moisture -- managing humidity levels.

Easy installation process

Wool Insulation allows you to insulate your van in just a few hours.
Watch the process..

The best Non-Toxic Insulation

In a confined space like your van, air quality is critical. Your insulation impacts indoor air quality, Natural Wool Insulation is chemical free and even cleans the air by removing formaldehyde and other VOCs

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Acoustic insulation and flame resistant

Excellent acoustic absorption due to the natural properties and serrated fibers of wool.

Wool is non-flammable and self extinguishing, reducing the risk of fire.

Improved Thermal Value of R-4.1 per inch

“After 2 winters at temperatures as low as -22f and up to 95f, we recommend insulating with Sheep’s Wool.”

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Environmentally Friendly

Insulation made from 100% sheep’s wool, meaning it is totally biodegradable.

Organic and recyclable.

Our wool is washed with a non-toxic Bio insect repellant based on the chrysanthemum plant. 

Three of the biggest van insulation

problems: Solved




Moisture Control

No one wants to sleep in a freezing cold van that’s damp from condensation.

Natural wool minimizes condensation and will take you through every season staying dry and comfortable.


Pure Air in your Van

Toxin Free, boric acid free, and petrochemical free.

Wool naturally filters air, absorbing and rendering formaldehyde and other VOCs. 


Built for all Seasons

An Improved Insulation Power of R 4.1 per inch will keep you comfortable in any weather, all year long.

Decide if you are using 2" Batts or Loose Fill Knops

Read the benefits of both!

See how much wool you need and get your wool fast.

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Enjoy the comfort in your Van.

Lasting insulation for miles of comfort and health.

Decide the best way to insulate your van

– Insulate the most difficult and hard to reach gaps.

– The best insulation value possible because all cavities (including uneven ones) are completely filled.

– The structure of the knops are incredibly resistant to compression or slumping, so you never end up with gaps from road vibration.

To watch how to install Loose Fill click Here

– The down side … takes a little more time to install, and a bit more messy, but the results are awesome.

– Insulate quickly and in one piece with 2″ wool batts.

-The fastest and easiest way to insulate your van.

-The convenient size of the Woolen Van Blanket allows you to insulate your van in just a few steps

– You can canvas large areas in a single piece with a Woolen Van Blanket

-Save time insulating your van.

To watch how to install Batts Here

— The down side … Where batt seams meet, there is the possibility of a gap and slumping if the installation is not correct.

– Traditional wool batting is the most used product so far for van insulation, schoolies, and tiny homes, and the results are incredible.

-These batts have a smaller size that allows you to adapt in a more personalized way to the design of your van. They are convenient if you are installing them alone.

– The need for insulation may vary depending on the structure. By insulating with smaller pieces you can secure the most complicated areas in a more careful way and in several pieces. 

The design of these traditional batts ensures effective insulation in all corners of your van.

Our Vanlifers' installing experiences and love.

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Joseph Cormier
Joseph Cormier
Read More
This is my first time working with a wool insulation and it was great. I enjoyed the batten 6 x 8 sheets of 2 inch thickness and also the blown type loose insulation. I used this insulation for the walls of my van and I can already notice the difference as both a sound and heat barrier. I would highly recommend this product!
The Hunters Vanlife
The Hunters Vanlife
Read More
We love our wool.life insulation in our van! Blowing the insulation in makes the job so easy and neat, and it really does the best job keeping the van comfortable on those hot or cold days! All we have in our van to keep us cool is our vent fan, as well as a small ceiling mounted fan, and on those 90°+ days in Florida, we are sitting pretty!
Joseph at wool.life has been great to work with. He knew exactly how much wool to send us for our extended Promaster, and was there to answer any questions along the way. Definitely recommend them to insulate your van, or house!
Alexi High
Alexi High
Read More
We started our van build and used the wool in all the places where we could. Before we could finish the installation we had to hit the road for a trip. We drove about 2000 miles with just the wool stuffed into the holes of our van and we were really impressed with how much it stayed in place. Now this was a completely ridiculous thing to do. We didn’t cover up the holes at all and we were just curious how it would work out. And to be honest it worked out way better than we thought. I actually have total faith in this product. And I’m glad that we went with this over the traditional bats.
Brenden McBrier
Brenden McBrier
Read More
Wool Life has been a company I've been working with for over a year in the building of my TinyHome. They have been extremely diligent with getting to understand my project and helping me with all my questions. The wool insulation itself is amazing to work with too and very easy to install. I highly recommend the material and company to any DIY builder or commercial company alike. Very great communication and excellent product and I look forward to seeing more people using Wool insulation.
Scott & Steph
Scott & Steph
Read More
“We enjoyed the whole installation process, the feel of the natural wool and not having to use special equipment. I thought it would be a more difficult task to do, but it only took a couple of days. We are delighted."
Caitlyn McLeod
Caitlyn McLeod
Read More
Everything about the experience of using Wool Life exceeded our expectations. We worked with 2 bales of the blow in wool for our tiny house DIY build and had FUN doing so. Joseph, the representative we worked with, was more than accommodating to our needs and was very responsive with our questions. We can rest better knowing our walls are filled with a great clean alternative to traditional insulation. If you are looking for a clean natural insulation to have fun with, Wool Life is highly recommended here!
Wendy Perrone
Wendy Perrone
Read More
Insulation came today and it was just like Christmas. What a great company to work with. Their customer service rep, Joseph Cathcart, was there for me with every question or concern that I had. He even went out of his way to give me prices and other suggestions on tools to use, etc. I would definitely recommend wool insulation to everyone and definitely from this company.
Asli Carome
Read More
Wool Life is the healthiest insulation option out there. And they are extremely helpful in selecting the correct amount of insulation needed and shipping it directly to you. Great company and great customer service!

Ready to get some wool?

Have you decided on wool batts or loose fill wool?

Click Here to see how many Wool Batt Blanket you need

Click Here to see how many Traditional Wool Batts you need

Click Here to see how much Loose Fill  you need

Save time by getting the Complete Insulation Kit for your van Model

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Take a look at our chart or our van kits to see how much wool you need for your van! [click here!]

Our wool is washed with a very small amount (0.25% by weight) of a non-ionic and non-toxic insect repellant so that moths and carpet beetles will not destroy it. This product, called Eulan SPA, is based on the chrysanthemum plant and is a liquid detergent added to the final scouring (cleaning) stage of the wool. It is absorbed into the inner core of the wool fiber, so it is not a topical deterrent or powder. We’re happy to share the full spec sheet with you and answer any questions if you have them.

We NEVER use boric acid because of the health concerns associated with it. Companies that treat with boric acid usually treat with a very high level, 1% by volume, which is 8% by weight.

We keep all of our products stocked well ahead of time so that we can ship immediately! We don’t want to hold up progress on your van build, so as soon as you order, we ship out your wool the following business day. Transit times with UPS are generally 2-4 business days, depending on where you are.

Many of our customers use a spray adhesive to install traditional batts to walls and ceilings. Others use string interwoven through the vans framing and rivet holes to hold the batts in place until the paneling is installed. 

The loose fill wool is attached to walls and ceilings by first installing a fabric mesh on your stud walls. Then the wool is blown into the cavity with a vacuum blower (Black & Decker Leaf Vacuum/Blower) and some shop vac hose. Here’s a link to our install page on all things loose fill knops!

At first, installing the loose fill knops might seem a little intimidating, but the install process is actually quite smooth and simple, and has several advantages over the batt that make your van more comfortable. The first advantage is that the cavities are completely filled (which means more and better acoustic and thermal insulation). Secondly, the knops will never settle with road vibration as the knops are tangled together and constantly trying to expand if they have the room to. Here’s a link to our install page on all things loose fill knops!

We stay away from Boric Acid because of the negative health effects associated with it. In December of 2010, the E.U. reclassified the ‘Borate’ group of chemicals that borax belongs to as a Substance Of Very High Concern (SVHC) due to its potential to be hazardous to reproductive health.

Borates have been classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction. Europe is usually several years ahead of America in regards to health (ie. GMOs are banned in Europe). Boric Acid has also been completely banned in Australia.

When Boric Acid is used in wool, it has to be applied at very high levels — 1% by volume, which is actually 8% by weight. This means that for every 100 pounds of “wool”, 8 pounds of it will be Boric Acid.

See articles

BORATES Banned in the EU Without Exception

Boric Acid infocard from the European Chemicals Agency

More information on Boric Acid

If you have any questions about Wool Batts or Loose Fill Wool Knops, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Wool.Life team is available and glad to answer any questions.

Want to read articles about the wonders of wool?

Efficient, long term insulation

we guarantee it

Because of the astonishing durability and functionality of wool, coupled with some innovation, we offer a 30-year warranty on all of our wool products. Places like Buckingham Palace have kept wool installed in good condition for more than 200 years, but insurance companies don’t like us to give 200-year warranties!

It’s safe to say that the long-lasting performance of our insulation will far outlive the van or skoolie it’s installed in.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Feel free to reach out to us about wool! Our team is ready and glad to help with any questions you have. 

Costumer Proyects

Friends Proyects The painted Buffalo They are our friends the painted buffalo, they are a scoolie who used our batts to isolate his project. Project:

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The Painted Buffalo

The Painted Buffalo Meet our friends The Painted Buffalo they chose the best insulation for van that also controls humidity, and has a great ability

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If you have specific allergies, please read Here the full spec sheet and table of contents of the wool,

The Wool.Life team is available and glad to answer any questions.

Call or text us at

(706) 915-WOOL

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We will answer within 24 hours. Promised!

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