2" Wool Batts

Batt Blankets & Traditional Batts are the two forms of batt insulation created by wool.life for simple and durable insulation.

Both are made with 100% sheep wool.

Feel and enjoy the comfort in your van
with the application of 2" Batts 

We specially designed Woolen Batt Blankets to insulate vans, making a toxin-free environment, with minimized condensation, with less unwanted outside noise.

Its ease of installation makes this product the favorite of many.

Wool.Life is committed to sustainability. Our 100% Natural Sheep Wool Insulation is sourced from IWTO Certified farms we know and trust in New Zealand.

No animal harm: all of our wool is produced according to ITWO guidelines for sheep welfare. Animal welfare is a high focus in wool production. When you chose to insulate with our wool, you are helping us care for the planet, since this product has a negative carbon footprint.

Insulating with wool results in a comfortable, quiet, high performance van for miles of adventure.

Comfortable. Healthy. Sustainable.

Both are an excellent choice. The only difference is in the design size.
The choice is up to you based on what is most convenient for your application We are happy to give you the details to help you decide.

Woolen Batt blankets allow you to install a totally safe insulation in a single piece.

In a couple of hours you will have the insulation of your van ready.

Size is your choice benefit. Wool Insulation in one large, convenient piece (7 ’by 5’ 8 ”)

Simply and easily insulate your van by yourself with the wool insulation designed to fit the walls of your van in a single piece with minimal breaks or seams. 

Traditional batts have a smaller size that allows you to adapt in a more personalized way to the design of your van. They are convenient if you are installing alone.

The need for insulation may vary depending on the structure. By insulating with smaller pieces you can secure the most complicated areas in a more careful way and in several pieces. 

The design of these traditional batts ensures an effective insulation in all corners of your van.

Traditional batts have a smaller size that allows you to adapt in a more personalized way to the design of your van.

The need for insulation may vary depending on the structure. By insulating with smaller pieces you can secure the most complicated areas in a more careful way and in several pieces. 

The design of traditional batts ensures effective insulation in all corners of your van.

Remember that the cold in winter always finds a hole to sneak through.

We have excellent news for you!

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How Many Boxes of Batts You Need

Here is a chart to give you an idea of how much wool you will need
(includes the floor and ceiling)

Box of Wool Batt Remnants
Introducing our premium insulation batts assortment - the ultimate solution for all your insulation needs! Experience unbeatable thermal...
Batt Blanket (80 sq/ft box)
Batt Blankets measure at 90" long by 64"wide by 2" thick. The functional design of the batt blanket...
Rated 5.00 out of 5

What do our customers say?

"We started our van build and used the wool in all the places where we could. Before we could finish the installation, we had to hit the road for a trip. We drove about 2000 miles with just the wool stuffed into the holes of our van, and we were really impressed with how much it stayed in place. Now, this was a completely ridiculous thing to do. We didn’t cover up the holes at all, and we were just curious how it would work out. And to be honest it worked out way better than we thought. I actually have total faith in this product. And I’m glad that we went with this over the traditional bats."
“We enjoyed the whole installation process, the feel of the natural wool and not having to use special equipment. I thought it would be a more difficult task to do, but it only took a couple of days. We are delighted."
Scott & Steph
""I came across Wool Life when I was looking for chemical-free insulation. It feels so good and is so clean! I also love the sound absorption. I love this wool!”.
 "I thought that it was harder to install, but the process was easy, and it had incredible results in the VAN, filling cavities that were difficult to reach with other products. Highly recommended."
Gabriel & Mary

100% Natural Sheep’s Wool scientifically enhanced to achieve the best insulation for your van.

Frequently asked questions about batts

The package includes 2 blankets, the measurements are: 7′ wide by 5′ 8 1/2″ long by 2″ thick. One package covers a total of 80.5 Square Feet.

Further up on our page you can find a table with the most common vans, if you still have questions contact us to solve your doubts.

The batts can be handled by hand, without the need for protective equipment. They do not have any chemical component that damages the skin or is harmful to breathe.

Press the blanket against the panel that you are insulating, and use a sharpie to mark the outline for your cut, then cut along the line. Batts can be cut with a fabric cutting tool, scissors, or with a razor knife.

Batts are blankets of a single piece and knops are combed into small balls and are applied with a blower.

The installing of the blankets is simple. If they are installed well, they will not compress or settle with road vibration.

Wool will only biodegrade if it is at least 6 inches under the soil, so it will last indefinitely in your walls. At Wool life, you have a 30-year warranty. If you would like to retire your wool, you can bury it and it will compost, adding nutrients to the soil. 

There are several things that set Wool Life apart from other wool insulation companies. With our dedicated US and NZ teams, we are able to control the entire manufacturing process straight from the IWTO certified NZ farms we know and trust. By using scientific innovation and love for the product and process, we have achieved the highest insulation quality in the wool market. Another big difference is that we do not have to treat our wool with Boric Acid or other harmful chemicals. Lastly, we take great care to keep a US warehouse heavily stocked and ready to ship because we know you are excited for your projects! We can ship tomorrow!

All wool is treated with something to deter insects at the scouring stage, whether it is going to be a garment etc. We have control of our whole process, so our wool is washed with a very small amount (0.25% by weight) of a non-ionic and non-toxic insect repellent called Eulan SPA. This is a liquid detergent added to the final scouring (cleaning) stage of the wool. It is absorbed into the inner core of the wool fiber, so it is not a topical deterrent or powder. This product is the industry standard for wool clothing etc. We’re happy to share the full spec sheet with you and answer any questions if you have them. We NEVER use boric acid because of the health concerns associated with it. Companies that treat with boric acid usually treat with a very high level, 1% by volume, which is 8% by weight

With Wool.Life There Are No Uninsulated Spaces or Room for Doubts

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